Project Information
Children are increasingly subject to involuntary and invisible collection of data that occurs through the tracking and data mining done without their knowledge. As early adopters of new technology they are often assumed to be ‘digital natives’ with superior digital skills, but how much do they understand about commercial models and practices whereby data about their own internet activities are collected and used by corporations employing big data analytics? This research will provide understanding the data literacy of children, a population which is currently overlooked in the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in NZ.
We are conducting qualitative research into how NZ parents and their children understand and manage privacy risks, in regard to children’s capacity to consent; ability to understand terms and conditions and manage privacy settings, as well as their understanding of commercial business models and awareness of forms of redress. This will provide much needed information to businesses and communities, and inform the emerging regulatory landscape in NZ.
This website will document current issues around children's privacy and insights from this research project. We will keep you informed as we conduct research with educators, parents and teenagers. The research will be conducted through schools and participation will require parental consent. If you are a school interested in participating in this research please do touch base through the online contact page or phone us directly.

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