Focus Groups for Teens


The focus groups will take between 60-90 minutes. These will be fun and interactive, with group exercises to find out how you currently manage and protect personal information online. It will introduce some concepts and technical terms that may be new to you, but will help you think about data privacy. You will have the opportunity to also reflect on your own concerns and thoughts about what your personal information means to global tech companies and institutions who gather your data, often without your knowledge. Lastly, you will also have the opportunity to express what you would like to see from policy makers and online information services to help you protect personal and sensitive information.


Parent Interviews / Focus Groups


Parents have the option of joining a focus group with other parents, or attending an interview. We will cover many of the same concerns and questions as the teen focus groups, and provide you with opportunities to reflect on and share your thoughts and concerns about data protection that are important to you. 


You will recieve a voucher for your time.


Focus groups and interviews will be held either at your local school, or at Social Research NZ located in central Orewa. You can register your interest on our registration page, email us at or call us directly to attend a group or interview session with you.

Download the pdf for a participant information sheet



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