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About Social Research NZ



Developing internet technologies such as information and communications platforms, AI, the Internet of Things and Big Data along with advances in mobile and wearable smart technologies, have the potential to bring tremendous social benefits but invariably also have consequences in relation to children and young people.

​At Social Research NZ we are committed to:

  • ​Undertaking and disseminating qualitative research to develop knowledge to assist policy makers and educators in addressing social issues arising from technology.


  • Questioning, informing and shaping regulation and policies affecting children's engagement and use of digital technologies.


  • Strategic consulting with organizations advocating for children's privacy, safety and digital inclusion.

Social Research NZ specialises in conducting qualitative research that explores the social impacts of new digital technologies. Its team of independent academics brings together expertise in areas of youth, family and community, marketing, sociology, digital sociology, and regulation. Previous research has explored issues such as personal data protection, privacy, online content regulation, digital exclusion, biometrics and wearable technologies, with teenagers, parents, communities, educators, non-profits and government. We are always interested in the next big issue.