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We are a network of researchers who are focused on critically evaluate persistent social issues arising from new digital technologies.


Our vision

Our vision is to give New Zealand citizens a voice in shaping the digital society they now live in, by doing qualitative in-depth research that explores the social impacts experienced through their use of the internet and digital technologies.


Our mission

Our mission is to maximise the efforts of government, non-profit, and private organisations by providing critical social insights, creating new perspectives, to inform strategies and policies that create positive change for New Zealanders.

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Women 50+ to talk opportunities and barriers to achieving sustainable work in the digital society

Blog posts

Exploring the digital capital of women over 50

A woman reading on her tablet device

We are currently interviewing women in their 50s about their digital capital in relation to work. Interviews explore women's work histories, their social background, and current challenges with maintaining or obtaining sustainable work within the context of the digitization of work and society. We want to know what the issues are for women in this age group, and what their relationship and expectations of digital technology are. How well equipped are they for the future of work?

Family digital dispositions


To better understand the reasons why not all children benefit equally from using the Internet and digital services SocialResearchNZ conducted a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with 15 families in Auckland, New Zealand. The interviews were conducted first with a parent, and then a child from each family. The project sought to identify how these families engaged with digital technology in the home and how this shapes children's orientations and motivation toward using digital technology.  Using Pierre Bourdiueu's theory of practice toolkit we explored how familial background and upbringing, and access to economic, cultural, and social capital impact how children benefit from digital technology use.

Protecting children's personal information


Children's rights to data privacy has not yet to be consciously included in our approach to managing online risks. This project wanted to explore how families in New Zealand understand privacy. We conducted in-depth interviews with parents and teenagers to explore how they conceptualise and manage privacy today. We were particularly interested in exploring how they think about personal information in the digital environment, and specifically commercial use of their personal information. The upshot is - we need to raise awareness not only among children and teenagers, but among parents about what personal data is in the digital context and how commercial data practices can generate harms.