Covid-19 has increased our reliance on digital technology! We want to know how families are coping!

Social Research NZ  is exploring how families use digital technology in the home.

Despite the efforts of government and educators, digital exclusion still persists and addressing this has become more urgent with the rapid digitalisation of the economy and society. Understanding what families need, to effectively use internet enabled digital technologies has become even more urgent during the Covid19 pandemic.

Some New Zealand families have struggled to use digital technologies for working from home, or completing school work, as well as accessing important information and services online, while other families are coping well, using digital technologies to keep working, learning and maintaining social connections from home. We want all kinds of families to help us explore how they are using digital technologies, and what issues they may have encountered this year under lockdown!


Families will receive a $50 Pak-n-Save or Warehouse voucher for their participation.



You can participate without leaving home!



We are seeking one teenager (aged anywhere between 13 -18) and one of their parents to take part. There are three steps:


  1. A parent interview via ZOOM or SKYPE will be between 60-90 minutes. Parent registers through a 3-minute online form.

  2. The teenager completes a questionnaire online about technology use in the home.

  3. A follow up ZOOM interview with teenagers to discuss their digital use at home takes around 45-60 minutes.



Call Caroline at 027 275 8585 to register!

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