Now that the formal study is completed, we are conducting Privacy Workshops to raise awareness of corporate surveillance and its consequences amongst parents and teenagers.


These are great for teachers, and families who are interested in thinking about online privacy issues .  We run a parent workshop, and a teenager workshop, and work with individuals or groups of up to 4.

It can be fun and productive to have two or three parents together, and similarly, two or three teenagers in these sessions.

We ask a lot of questions and ask you to reflect on how you think about privacy, and we then edge our way to areas where we may have less awareness of how our data is shared and collected and used by institutions and organisations we interact with.


The workshop is designed to make us think about the issues of data protection. It is also a time to share data protection strategies and find new ones practices in our communities. 


It will introduce concepts of privacy and technical terms that may be new to you, but will help you think about data privacy in the current technological environment.


You will have the opportunity to also reflect on what personal information means in the global internet environment, and what the consequences of global tech data practices may be in the future.


This is an opportunity to reflect on, and share your thoughts and concerns about the challenges of controlling who has access to personal information about you, and whether you feel data protection is important. 


We can run these workshops over Zoom! and if out of lockdown in face to face workshops, although many of you may prefer to stick with Zoom!

The workshops typically take an hour but can go longer if participants want time for further discussion.


If you or your organisation is interested in taking part please call on 027 275 8585 or email us at